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Hello everyone!


We are five McGill students studying at the Ingram School of Nursing in the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. As a part of our community outreach project, we collaborated with the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada in order to create support resources for siblings of children with brain tumours.


It was brought to our attention that there is a lack of resources available for siblings of children with brain tumours. Siblings are often underrepresented and shadowed by the very pertinent needs of this patient population and their parents. The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada’s mission is to provide help to everyone affected by a brain tumour diagnosis and therefore it is essential that siblings have resources tailored to them as well. We have created this interactive storybook, as well as an informational e-booklet (which can be found here), tailored for siblings of children with brain tumours to help them feel supported in their family’s journey with a brain tumour.


We hope you enjoy,

Thomas Saikaley, Nilani Thuraisingham, Leah Tracey, Aviva Wang & Sydney Wasserman

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