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There are many things that Gabriel can do to feel better on days that are more difficult... 

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Gabriel can partake in his favourite activities to feel better.

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I feel happy when I draw. When I feel sad, I draw cars.

There are other activities Gabriel likes to do, like singing, listening to music, and taking naps.

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Gabriel can imagine himself in a happy place to feel better.

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Untitled_Artwork 38.png

I feel happy when I draw. When I feel sad, I draw cars.

I try to imagine myself in a place where I would want to be with my family, like the amusement park.

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Gabriel eats healthy and regularly to feel better.


He has learned to take deep breaths to calm down when he feels stressed. 

Gabriel can also talk to his parents about his feelings.

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To breathe out slowly, I pretend like I am blowing a bubble! It's so fun!


Mom, Dad, I feel sad. I am scared for Alex.

I try to draw cars when I am sad. Would you draw with me please? 

Untitled_Artwork 38.png

Honey, it's okay to feel this way.


We would love to draw with you. Also,

if ever we are busy, you can invite your

friend over to draw with you!

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Here are some other tips that Gabriel uses:

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Writing in a journal

Gabriel writes down his thoughts and emotions in a journal frequently.

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Keeping a calendar

Gabriel uses a calendar to remind himself to draw with his parents or friend every week.

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