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Even though Alex has a brain tumour, Alex and Gabriel can still play together, have fun, and be normal!


Some of their favorite things to do together are:

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Puzzles and games can be really simple and fun for the whole family.


Music is a

great way for

Gabriel to be with

his sister. Audio books are nice when Gabriel or Alex don’t feel like reading.


The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada has a beautiful storybook called “A friend in Hope”.

Parents can order it for free here!

Reading a book together can be really exciting. For example, Gabriel likes to use funny voices for different characters.

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Using online video chat is a great way for Gabriel to stay connected when his sister is in the hospital for treatment.

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Gabriel likes to help Alex decorate her hospital room to make it feel more comfortable, like home. They hang up art, drawings, and things that she likes.

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Parents can order the The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada’s free colouring book here!

Even when there’s not something fun or exciting happening, Gabriel and Alex still enjoy spending quiet time together. Just Gabriel’s presence makes Alex really happy sometimes.

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